It is our goal to increase much needed awareness and a sense of urgency for CUP as a very challenging oncological syndrome that needs more support from global communities, research institutions and medical organisations to achieve better care opportunities. We believe we need to really raise alarm bells on enhancing access to better molecular diagnostics/personalised diagnostics/CGP and targeted treatment/trials for all cancer patients. We want to use the growing awareness for CUP to further educate patients, medical specialists and policy makers on this important matter and show parties what diagnostics/care is being developed and will soon be available for patients. We hope that this website will help all those with an interest in Cancer of Unknown Primary to connect and contribute to potential research collaborations across the world.

Following the success of the first ever world cancer of unknown primary awareness week in 2021, SJK Foundation (Ireland) and Missie Tumor Onbekend (Netherlands) two national patient organisations dedicated to improving quality of care & life by providing information and support for patients with Cancer of Unknown Primary (“CUP”) are joining forces again for World CUP Awareness Week 2022. The theme of this year’s awareness week is ‘The patient journey’. We hope to identify challenges and opportunities for Cancer of Unknown Primary patients, families healthcare professionals and researchers.

Every year for one week, we will will bring together CUP experts from around the world in a series of Lunchtime Webinars.