About WCA

After having organized two World CUP Awareness Weeks in 2021 and 2022 with awareness events and informative webinars for patients and clinicians, reaching 9 million accounts in 170 countries, SJK Foundation (Ireland) and Missie Tumor Onbekend (the Netherlands) have joined forces to launch the first international Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) patient advocacy alliance.

It is our objective to build an international alliance of all those patient advocates that are focused on improving diagnostics, treatments and care journeys for all patients affected by CUP. Together we are advocates for the implementation of, awareness of and accessibility of precision oncology. As innovations in oncology and the ease of patient interaction is truly happening on a global scale, it is now more important than ever, to share knowledge and learn from examples in different countries and across health systems.

To date we have been able to unite patient advocates not only from Ireland and the Netherlands, but also including the UK, the US and Belgium. The World CUP Alliance will pursue three main activities.